Financial Benefits with ScaleArc

$188K Saved – no outage with database failure

Mouser Electronics, like a lot  of eCommerce companies, has dozens of monitors on the walls surrounding its ops team, tracking real-time data on website visitors, transactions, top merchandise, shopping cart details, and other financial and technical metrics.

One afternoon, a bunch of those monitors went off, all at once – the primary database had failed, triggering alerts and alarms of all sorts. By the time the team got back to their desks and logged into the relevant systems to troubleshoot, the database had completed its failover. Better yet, because this company used ScaleArc, that database failure had been entirely transparent to customers. No page load errors, no shopping cart problems – just a minor delay in response time as the ScaleArc software held customer queries in queue during the failover.

This invisible failover meant $188k in saved revenue for Mouser, who estimated this failure would have taken 20 to 60 minutes to resolve without a modern database tied to ScaleArc.

Full hardware failures of the primary database don’t happen very often. But they do happen. What will it cost you, in revenue or reputation, if the worst hits your site?


$2M in New Revenue – no maintenance windows

An eCommerce company calculated the value of avoided downtime by using ScaleArc to perform zero downtime maintenance at $2M. The company has a well-established per-minute cost of downtime, and the staff knew how many times they had to call maintenance windows every year.

For this company, avoiding the majority of those maintenance windows translates into boosted revenue of $2M. Every year.

Because of this math, the company deployed ScaleArc in front of all key SQL Server deployments – even beyond those servicing the eCommerce app – because they recognized the operational savings would accrue to those other applications as well.

Imagine no longer having to arrange with five different teams whether next Saturday is an acceptable night to take down an app for database maintenance. No longer having to pull developers into the office that night, just in case something in the app doesn’t work right when you bring it back on line. No longer having a couple dozen folks lose sleep and work on critical tasks when they’re not exactly performing at peak.

Imagine your operations with no downtime from maintenance windows. What would that mean to your business?


$3M Higher Revenue – 2x faster website

Most ScaleArc customers get really excited about building a zero downtime environment with our software. One customer enjoyed another unexpected boost, though, that translated into major revenue.

The ScaleArc software, handling every database query, can rapidly pinpoint queries that are slowing down your site or app. For one customer, our software identified seven queries the team didn't know were running. Turned out, these queries ran on every single page load, bogging down the website.

With the ScaleArc software, the team was able to cache each query with a single click of the mouse, and doing so cut their page load times in half.

Stats show that eCommerce companies increase revenue 5% for every half second improvement in page load times. This speed increase meant 10% more revenue, or $2M for this customer.

What’s slow performance on your site or app costing you?


$320K Saved in a Year – dev time avoided

The cost of database coding, quantified.

For many high-growth organizations, the database is the hardest piece of infrastructure to scale. Once you’ve invested in modern database technology, that have scale out and replication built in, the challenge is getting your apps ready to take advantage of the capacity. That takes app recoding.

One organization calculated the time needed to rewrite its apps at 5 months, across five developers. With a burdened salary in excess of $150K for each developer, the value of their time came out to $320,000.

Imagine – putting $320K straight to your bottom line in avoided dev costs.

This customer went on to explain that the value to the organization was even higher because not spending those resources on coding for database scalability meant those developers – amongst their strongest engineers – could instead focus on writing code that improved application functionality.

Getting your best developers doing cool new features instead of mundane database coding. Dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars straight to your bottom line. Earning these savings for every app that needs scale out. That’s the power of ScaleArc – letting your apps automatically tap into the power of modern databases.

What is mundane database coding costing your business?


2x Faster App Rollout – avoided coding

Microsoft IT was under pressure to roll out a major upgrade to its website, which hosts 2 million users every day. The IT team originally calculated it would take 18 months to deliver. The business gave them 9 months to do it, and thanks to ScaleArc, they delivered in 4 months.

How did they do it? The big time savings came from relying on ScaleArc for database scale out at the application tier. Rather than recode the app for scale out, individually recoding every query that could be sent to a secondary database, the Microsoft IT team leveraged ScaleArc.

The ScaleArc software natively understands different database query types and automatically routes them to the correct database server. So you can upgrade your legacy apps or write new apps to run against scaled out databases in far less time.

Imagine - with all the SQL Server resources avilable to it, Microsoft IT relies on ScaleArc for seamless upgrades to Modern SQL.

What would it mean to your business to support new apps in half the time?