Improving Availability and Performance for Magento

ScaleArc scales transactions 30x, with auto failover to keep eCommerce humming.

Magento is the world’s most popular eCommerce engine. Given the role Magento plays in enabling revenue, running Magento and its underlying MySQL database server with 100% uptime is crucial. Scaling Magento transactions is also critical.

Mechanisms for improving database uptime, such as adding secondaries for read-only capacity and modifying the app to use them, are very challenging for Magento. Just keeping up with frequent security-critical platform updates becomes much harder with customized Magento deployments.

ScaleArc offers a compelling alternative. ScaleArc deploys transparently in front of Magento and MySQL, offering unprecedented uptime and performance – with no changes to Magento or the MySQL database.

Paired with Magento, ScaleArc provides out-of-the-box support for:

Check out our app note and deployment guide for more information on how ScaleArc can boost uptime and performance for your Magento deployment.

Improving Availability and Performance for Magento

Magento Deployment Guide

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