Speed up SQL Modernization

Leverage scaled out SQL Server without writing a single line of code.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017 offer compelling new functionality, with AlwaysOn failover, synchronous replication technology, and the ability to read from secondary replicas. But the upgrade path to these new versions can be expensive and time consuming. ScaleArc lets you start to benefit immediately from Modern SQL Server's distributed capabilities – all without changing a single line of code in your critical business applications.

ScaleArc solves the biggest challenges for your SQL Server upgrade, with the following capabilities:

Automated database load balancing and read/write split

  • Steering SQL queries to where they can be addressed most quickly – increasing efficiencies by ensuring second server utilization
  • Load balancing traffic across multiple servers without application modification – saving money and time

Replication-aware load balancing

  • Integrating replication monitoring with load balancing and SQL flow control – letting you easily specify a maximum replication delay threshold without modifying your app
  • Ensuring data consistency – even when supporting reads from secondary servers

100% visibility of all SQL traffic

  • Providing actionable and real-time analytics – instantly highlighting frequent, resource-intensive, and failing queries
  • Enabling caching for slow and frequent queries – offloading the database server
  • Increasing understanding about interactional application behaviors – improving traffic optimization

Seamless automatic failover

  • Providing automated cluster discovery and failover across multiple data centers – by replacing the VNN as the primary destination of SQL connections
  • Lowering application errors – by automating processes and reducing the time for failover



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