Zero Downtime Maintenance

Protect business operations. Ensure user satisfaction. Maximize revenue potential.

With an increasing number of servers, maintenance windows take longer and consume more IT resources. Downtime due to planned maintenance can result in a poor user experience, as well as revenue loss through lost orders.

blog image ScaleArc delivers a seamless and highly reliable way to optimize traffic flows and reduce application error messages during planned downtime, such as:

  • Patching database servers
  • Applying software/security updates, including schema changes
  • Performing storage maintenance
  • Implementing master/slave failover
  • Diagnosing potential performance issues

Avoid system disruptions
ScaleArc gives organizations a multi-tier approach to take a server out of rotation for planned or emergency database maintenance or patching without application downtime. Ops staff can choose how to reduce server load, with options including:

  • Adding load balancing bias – ScaleArc supports dynamic load balancing, and you can also set a load balancing bias to force a gradual reduction of load off a server, enabling you to perform maintenance while the server remains online
  • Reducing server connections – for a faster, more significant load reduction to a server without impacting traffic
  • Marking a server offline – for an immediate transfer of load from one server to another server available in the cluster

Avoiding Maintenance Downtime

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